Awards night and Lilac

Purple is probably my all time favourite colour ever. Any shade, any texture, closely followed by gold In hair, in clothing, in makeup, whatever. I just love it. I even have furry, purple, sequin pillows that I guard with my life and a silk purple bedsheet. And curtains. So, when I heard it was awards night and that I had some how managed to scrape good enough grades to get one, I headed straight to the shops to buy a dress. And the first thing I laid eyes on? Lilac, cut out, chiffon, mini-dress. I just about died on the spot and bought it.

Dotti - $69.95

Well, that’s a really awful picture, it’s placed wrong and the colour looks more pink then anything, but it’s seriously gorgeous. That’s when I thought about two possible problems:

  • I’m not sure it’s formal enough, the mayor tends be invited to these awards nights and it’s at the theatre
  • I bought it from a chain store
Now, whilst I’m all for affordable and ‘get what you pay for’, chain stores have the huge downfall of the fact that everyone and their uncle owns the dress. Usually I don’t mind, but as, aside from shoes, it’s the only article of clothing I’m going to be wearing in the night that is visible, I’d like to not have the same dress as some one else.
So, what do I do? Wear the dress I love, or buy one from a more boutique store that people are less likely to have?
Moving on, I thought I’d share one of my favourite purple items of clothing, that I’ve seen in many forms in other brands! Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, if you have suggestions let me know straight away!

Zimmerman - $330

Easy to dress up or down; statement heels in black or silver with a nude lip and bare shoulders for the night, or bright flats/heeled pumps for the day and cute cardigan and chunky jewellery for the day.



Spring Looks: Pretty things

Bella Bridesmaids - Australian Vogue

Something thats got me really excited recently is the return of ‘pretty’ to Townsville, I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but the shops here are full of champagne hues and lace, and most importantly, elegance. As I’m now a blonde, all these light tones look pretty cute, whereas pale blue against my old black hair just made me look like a dead person, so it seems I’m just in time for summer.

As many of the stores up here are chainstores such as Ally, Temt and Dotti, I presume that it’s the same stock as everywhere else in Australia, so today I’m going to share with you two of my favourite looks that I wish I earned enough money to buy! (Seriously, I’m only one $140 a week)

Look One: Daytime Elegance

Dotti - $39.95

Betts - $59.99

Forever New- $79.99

This look is elegant and simple, it would work at almost any time of the day. You could dress it up with heels and a blazer for work, or switch out the shorts for a black high waisted skirt to instantly change your entire look. Perfect for things like shopping and eating lunch. The shirt has the most beautiful details that you can’t really see in the picture, as well. This sort of style works best on summer days, so go and get an awesome tan to go with it!

Accessorise with chunky gold and pearl bracelets and a statement pendant, vintage tarnished gold is beautiful with this look, so scour local and online charity stores and get some good karma as well!

Look Two: Nighttime Elegance

Paprika, ASOS - $62.86

Betts - $79.99

Betts - $99.99

I absolutely adore the purple dress in this look, and I’m thinking about buying it for my awards night dress along with the second pair of shoes, which are incredibly high, they make me about 5 inches taller and I’m already 5’8, but they have a kind of padded bottom and the platform gives extra added height and support and comfort. This would also be a great Melbourne Cup look, for anyway headed there in early November.

Accessorise with chunky bracelets in silver or gold depending on your skin tone, if you have long hair, a thin chain in a matching colour or no neck jewellery at all would be stunning, as too much jewellery will just look tacky, especially if shoes like the second set are worn, make the dress and shoes the focus. A smokey eye and shiny clear gloss with contouring blush will make your skin look healthy and fresh, yet still sexy.