Keune conditioner; Extreme hair repair

Keune Vital Nutrition

Okay, so a few weeks ago I had this huge catastrophe, (twenty miles up shit creek situation) where I used home bleach on my hair (twice) and turned it an impressive gold colour, which then got fixed at the hairdressers with various applications of semi and permenant colors. At this point you can probably imagine that my hair was wrecked, completely and utterly fried, like the ends were snapping and it was pulling out at the roots and stuff. I seriously thought I was going to be shortly bald (hahaha get it? Bald, your hair is short?) but then my boss recommended this product to me. Okay, what she actually said was;

True to fucking god, I think you girls are seriously dumb, no wonder I drink. Put this on your hair before you go bald and I have to fire you.

Yes, my boss is aggro, but Keune is an amazing brand that seriously outdid themselves with the careline range in general. The product I like best is the Vital Nutrition Conditioning Spray, it’s for dry, damaged hair so all blondes can find use for this, as blonde hair doesn’t retain that much moisture. It’s a leave in conditioner, you spray it on the roots, but the cool thing is that when you hold it close to your hands and squirt, you get a white blob of conditioner you can rub onto the ends, as these are usually the most damaged places.

I apply this twice daily, to dry and wet hair, and my hair is healthier and shinier already, it’s not peeling out or anything weird like that. I suggest that you use it in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. It’s also really good for those days in between hair washes, I wash my hair every two/three days because I’m trying to grow it out and let it repair itself. Make sure if you straighten your hair that all the conditioner has dried so you don’t fry it.

The price is so-so, I paid $21 for 125ml, it’s cheaper then KMS, but it goes really quickly, especially if you apply it as a cream. If you can afford it I recommend it, but brands like Herbal Essences and Schwarzkopf do really good leave-ins for $15 ish dollars in most major retailers. There are matching shampoos and actual conditioners to match the spray, and it comes in a variety of types like Frizz Control and Colour Care, so you can mix and match across ranges.


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